"The utter originality of these poems makes me bow down. Cecilia Llompart's breathtaking instinct for image and intuitive sense of pacing creates poems which feel like magnetic force fields, whole landscapes of perception. A mind is quieted, changed." - Naomi Shihab Nye

"In Cecilia Llompart's amazing first collection, The Wingless, whimsy and imagination are rooted deep in mystery and rise up on sure stalks to flower, again and again, into that most desired and various of blossoms–the one the Surrealists called 'the marvelous.' " - Gregory Orr

"A little smoky and mysterious, Cecilia Llompart's work is lean but full–maximally minimal. The imagination here is vast yet supple, the vision, simultaneously gentle and fierce. Everything her mind touches seems more mystical, more alive. Her poems convey a gratitude, a joy less stated than implied by currents of appetite and love, romantic love and a great wide love of it all." - Bob Hicok